Federale, a local band filled with some of Portland's amazingly talented musicians, asked me to shoot a multicam video for their album launch. We used five cameras in the Doug Fir Lounge to get this footage which was then synced with the final mix of this lead track from the new album, released November 2019.

I shot and edited these for Portland's alternative radio, KNRK's social medias. Cake you guys. I got to shoot Cake.

These are examples of tracks from the short sets artists would do mid day for the radio station, KNRK. The system at Mississippi Studios has three cameras on pan/tilt heads which I would control while simultaneously switching.


In 2017 and 2018 I had the pleasure of working with Autodesk to create their FIRST Robotics sponsorship booth. At the end of the weekend, I put together these videos.

Collaborative Theatre

Did you know that laughter - even forced laughter - has the ability to ease physical pain?

I worked on the research and foundation of this project for roughly a decade before gathering the group of people that would help me make my dream reality.

It is an honor to lead this team to create experiences that inspire laughter, wonder and connectivity.